Ereigniskartografien – A Research Project On Political Interventions in Turkey



Exhibition Ereigniskartografien

Protests and festivals are like the city, architecture and culture social forms creating community. As public events they stand out from everyday routine and are still important components of urban and cultural structures. City and public (now also private) space is determined has always been by Community actions and meetings: The town is turned into a shared space for action to the public, which is sorted according to certain rules and also the result of a process. With this perspective, the city is regarded as a sphere of action, newly manifested by actions.

The following impressions are part of an interdisciplinary approach to a city and its premises. One focus is in this work placed on the investigation of contemporary urban phenomena and structures, with the further aim of developing sustainable design strategies for the environment.

Content is a graphical analysis of protests and interventions in Turkey in 2013. For three months, the city of Istanbul was observed, analyzed and recorded in order to understand public events, demonstrations and actions in Istanbul and surrounding cities.
The results of the work found its conclusion in an exhibition on the image of the combination of movement, space and action. In large-format prints and the implementation of the graphics in the room, visitors can get an idea of ​​places that fall from their everyday routine.

Ereigniskartografien Ereigniskartografien Ereigniskartografien Ereigniskartografien Ereigniskartografien

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