Performative Bodies – Performance Project with Students from KISD and HfMT

Performative Bodies is an interdisciplinary seminar in the department of Gender and Design in which the development of the subjects of body and performativity in theory and practice should be implemented in interdisciplinary installations.
Within the framework of a cooperation between HfMT and KISD students, 16 composers, musicians and designers have dealt with the subject of performativity in social contexts.
The starting point of the research are performative theories about the body, which is to be perceived as a designable material. The aim of the seminar is also to develop an interdisciplinary approach that allows composers and designers alike to find a common result.
The final four-day exhibition showed acoustic and visual installations that question the definition of interaction, body, and technology. In addition, Performative Bodies was a part of the KISDparcours, in which the best design work as well as the graduation work of the Bachelor and Master graduates are presented every year.
Performative Bodies is the third consecutive project, conducted by Charlotte Triebus as a guest lecturer in cooperation projects.

Participants: Jule Schacht, Julia Alfeo, Nathalie Martin, Jana Dreyer, Paula Ahn, Duoni Liu, Serena Nüsing, Revital Shemaya, Nurul Imanniar Susanto, Yang Song, Lucia Castellanos, Rebecca Bäumer, Ingy Hamdy, Ashley Morgan, Heiwa Wong

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Credits: Image shown as featured image of this article displays the work of the students Paula Ahn, Duoni Liu and Serena Nüsing.


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