Seven Spaces Cologne – Artwork and Ideation for a binaural CD production



Seven Spaces is an extraordinary sound project: Composed by Patrick Leuchter this CD is recorded with ambitious binaural audio technique at seven unique locations within Cologne – listened to the tracks with headphones this recording provides you with crystal clear live-sound and an impressive ambiental soundscape for each track. For more information and very nice making-of-shots see the projects website.

Moreover I did a Seven Spaces student project earlier this year together with the Designuniversity KISD, creating interdisciplinary installations. Find more about that over here.

The CD Seven Spaces Cologne is available at the label AMC records or directly at Patrick Leuchters website.

sevenspaces_doku_c_charlottetriebus_klein-3 sevenspaces_doku_c_charlottetriebus_klein-5

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