Design Magazine About Sweden

big, Canvas 29. March 2012

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Please follow this link if the plug-in doesn´t work: Link to Made In .

Made in is the idea for an inspirational magazine for designer from designer. It´s creative, playful, inspiring, handcrafted, vintage, passionate and swedish.

Imagine a grandfather telling his grandchildren a story. He would take them by the hand and place them on his knees, telling them something. Anything. Now imagine this grandfather as female, young, old, or Swedish. It doesn´t matter. Made in shall be the collection of interesting rags that try to represent an entire country with typography, images and forms. You should not read it at once, but piece by piece to get to know the culture, the country and the variety.

Made in creates connections. Having it read entirely paints softly an idea. It doesn´t shout at you with bright colours or impressive headlines. But it promises you an entire idea of the love, strengh and pride that presents the creativity of a whole nation.

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