Allgemein, big, Canvas 27. February 2014


We have just finished the latest bits on our new shortfilm “distances”. Thank you Babette Galli-Jescheck, Cristina Palamini, Luis Temano, who made this huge and tiny project possible.

Do yourself a favour – listen to this movie with good speakers and base – you will now why :)!

The movie “distances” is a performative piece with two dancers. The work is an interpretation of the short story “la distanza della luna” by Italo Calvino from the year 1963.

The work is to be understood primarily as an experiment in which the objective is to reproduce the impression of the piece by reading subtle expression. One the one hand the interpretation is done by the dance and the intensity of the movements, on the other hand also by the processing and treatment of the sound and the video tracks.

“La distanza della luna ” is about the autobiographical report of the old Qfwfq, who explains how he and his family used to travel over the sea a long time ago. Once a month they used to climb up the moon to collect moon milk. At those times that wasn´t any problem, since the moon almost touched the sea monthly due to her orbits.
Due to her strong attraction people, water, animals and objects floating in the sea were drawn to her surface, so that only a small effort was needed to get to the moon oneself, but a larger to escape from her again. The story grows in complexity, as it is noticed that the orbit of the Earth and Moon expand. In the last scene, the lover of the narrator, who´s the captain’s wife, decides for the moon as her new lover and remains on her forever.

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