Virtually Physical – Choreography for two dancers, two avatars and motion capture Optitrack at Tanzhaus NRW


Virtually Physical_CharlotteTriebus_TanzhausNRW

The work Virtually Physical triggers the intertwining of the Virtual and the Physical, questioning the real, and the imaginative. Two dancers movements are being transformed in real-time into vector-based avatars usind the motion tracking system Optitrack. The choreography triggers glitches and tries to expose the system to its constants – to provoke improvisations and queer body movements.

Premiered and performed at Tanzhaus NRW during the Festival Temps d’Image in colaboration with Choy Ka Fai.

with Agustina Andreoletti and Yana Novorotova

Virtually Physical_CharlotteTriebus_TanzhausNRW


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