Push – Lyrical Performance with Ahmed Katlish

In the lyrical performance Push (2017), Charlotte Triebus and Ahmad Katlesh introduce the question of the construction and deconstruction of man. Together with the audience and an installation of sand, the performance artist and the writer work out an intensive dialogue between sound and image, language and movement with the aim of creating a common yet different perception of the disciplines. The interweaving of lyricism and performance creates a new level, which not only reveals communication beyond language, but also allows a separate space for interpretations.

In Push, the central questions about the connection between human being and language are presented as an interdisciplinary performance. What is a (silent) fight? What does construction mean in relation to man? What is a human, where does he come from, where does he go?

Through the material and interlacing of the levels, the processing and transfer of human beings (and their networks) is made visually comprehensible. Language and installation find a newly developed, common path in the performance, which is accessible to the audience from different angles.

Friends of Heinrich Böll supported the realization of the play, which was shown for the first time during the summer festival of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Langenbroich in 2017.

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